Our Menu(fully vegan)

All day full Irish vegan breakfast

Vegan Soya/chili Sausages, Scrambled Tofu, Mushrooms. Tomato Salad, White Sauerkraut, Fresh Leak And Vegan Mayo Salad, Toasted Sourdough Bread. Mustard

* Mustard, Sulphites, Soybeans, Gluten/Gluten Free Option

Indian/Curry bowl

With Chickpeas, Butter Beans, Peppers. Onion, Carrot. Coconut Milk Served With Brown Rice, Vegan Yogurt Mango Chutney And Parsley

* Sulphites, Soybeans, Gluten Free

French/Breton bowl

Butter Beans, White Onion. Vegan Fried Sausage, Smoked Fried Tofu Tomato Paste, Tomato Puree. Served With Brown Rice And Parsley

* Sulphites, Soybeans, Gluten/Gluten Free Option

Polish bowl

Cooked white fermented cabbage with wild forest mushrooms, fried smoked fofu, fried smoked vegan sausages, fried onion, chopped tomatoes, tomato paste, with spices.

*Sulphites, Soybeans, Gluten Free

Mexican bowl

Roasted Peppers, Red Onion, With Black And Red Beans In Spiced, Pickled Pearl Onions, Rich Tomato And Chili Sauce, Served With Brown Rice, Avocado, Vegan Yoghurt, Jalapeno, Parsley And Jalapeno Relish

* Sulphites, Soybeans, Gluten Free

Avocado with toast

With Chili Spiced Olive Oil. Tomatoes With Hint Of Garlic And Basil, Hazelnut. Walnuts And Fresh Parsley And Toasted Bread. Perfect For Breakfast

* Nuts, Gluten/Gluten Free Option

Vegan Burger

Made Of Aubergine. Mushrooms, Butter Beans, Chickpeas, Onion And Spices, Served With Golden Toasted Sourdough Bun And Spiced Organic Potato Wedges, Mushrooms, Parsley. Tomato, Cucumber' Polish And Swedish Pickles. Dried/fried Onion, Mustard

* Mustard, Sulphites, Gluten/Gluten Free Option

Fried Tempeh

Tempeh Marinated In Gluten Free Soya Sauce. White Rice Vinegar, Maple Syrup. Spices And Herbs Served With Grilled Pineapple On Spinach. With Jalapeno Relish And Jalapenos. Nuts, Served With Brown Rice Or Toasts And 2 Side Salads

* Soybeans, Sulphites, Nuts, Gluten Free

Super S vegan Hot Dog

Soya Chili Smoked Sausage. Bun, Cucumber, Tomato. Pickle. Swedish And Polish Pickles, Fried/dry Onion, Vegan Mayo, Mustard, Ketchup. 2 Side Salads

* Gluten, Mustard, Soybeans

All allergens are openly used throughout our kitchen. Trace amounts may be present at all stages of cooking. If you have any doubts, please ask us. 


Blackrock Market, 19a Main St, Blackrock, Co. 

Dublin, Ireland


+353 89 416 2096

Thursday-Sunday 12:00pm-19:00pm

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